Millicent Hawk is an interdisciplinary conceptual artist interested in whole systems design, deep ecology and economic reform.  Her work looks to ways that cultural structures and labour can form regenerative ecologies.  Hawk frequently curates group exhibitions with international artists as well as organising and collaborating in other socially driven projects and initiatives.  

Currently in residency at SPACE to research and develop -PLANES- an AI and digital ecology.  -PLANES- develops autonomously, as with John Conway's 'Game of Life', and also through experiencing different forms of touch.  On an infinite plane, the ecology mimics drifting aquatic life and organisms - such as transgender algae and the immortal jellyfish - through mathematical abstractions.

In 2015, following an MA in Fine Art in London, Hawk founded Avalanche, an artist-run lounge in Peckham - the programme of which relates to her work and research.  She was on the Executive Committee for Artists' Union England and in 2016 formed an interdisciplinary collaborative-based artwork called SUPERCELL - a fluid and amorphous experimental art and technology collective forming decentralised social networks with mutual interests as the basis of function.



Lives and works in London



2017  SPACE HereNow Art + Technology Residency

2017  Shortlisted - Jerwood Visual Arts Artist Bursary

2017  Shortlisted - Collusion commission, with partners including Arts Council England, Anglia Ruskin University, and Leverhulme Centre for Future Intelligence

2012-13  MA Scholarship, Chelsea College of Arts, London




HereNow // Upcoming, SPACE, London

PlaneSphereTorus // Upcoming, Avalanche, London


per▪vert // Katriona Beales, Matthew Verdon, Otto Byström, Millicent Hawk. Avalanche, London

Neoliberal Grooming // Gary Zhexi Zhang, SHARE Lab, Millicent Hawk, SUPERCELL. Avalanche, London


TERMINAL>_ // UBERMORGEN, Nye Thompson, Joana Moll ⊹ Cédric Parizot, Millicent Hawk. Avalanche, London

A Laborious Dedication to Useless Tasks // Constant Dullaart, Hana Janeckova & Rob Lye, Jennifer Lyn Morone, Weather Report (Millicent Hawk + Jon Pilkington), Naomi Fitzsimmons, Matthew Britton, Rosie Carr, Office Vernacular, John Wood & Paul Harrison. Curated by Jo Harrison & Regina Lazarenko (a.k.a. Office Vernacular), Deptford Project Space, London.

SEIZURE // Laura Brothers, Gregory Kalliche, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Millicent Hawk, Weather Report. Avalanche, London

Hotfixes~~~ // Eva Fàbregas, Holly White, Fran Meana, Millicent Hawk, Edgar-Walker, Jon Pilkington. Avalanche, London


The Cabinet of Beauty and Culture // Necole Schmitz, Millicent Hawk, Sophie Mallett, Edgar-Walker, Connie Butler, Kate Morrell, Caitlin Hinshelwood, Niamh Riordan, Lauren Godfrey, Simon Grind, Richard Forbes-Hamilton, Eva Fàbregas, Ninna Berger, Joe Morris and Lillian Wilkie. Curated by Lillian Wilkie. HouseRules, Dalston, London

Machines for Hardrock // Lillian Wilkie, Fran Meana, Millicent Hawk. Avalanche, London

Chelsea Salon // LARA’s Space, Bermondsey, London


Ways of Skiing // Solo, The Cook House, London

MA Show + Interim Show // Chelsea College of Arts, London

Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Wardrobe // Flat 246 (private), London


Chelsea Salon // South London Gallery, London



2013 MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, London

2012 Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, London

2003 First Class BA (Hons) Photography



2016 Furtherfiled Gallery // How much can users really know about the functioning of the cameras which are embedded in their devices?  Millicent Hawk interviews Nye Thompson on the technology, aesthetics and universal conditions that make her work, Backdoored, both compelling and uneasy at once as it explores the role of softbots in a world of smart objects and unsecured surveillance cameras.  Online at Furtherfield